FAQs and Terms & Conditions


NA3T, we, us and our mean the NA3T Archive of Transport, Travel & Trade.
My, you and your mean you, the reader.
CDPA means the  "Copyright, Designs and Patents Act (1988) as amended"

What about my copyright?

Some social media sites require you to give them your copyright. We do not.

Unlike "social media" and other photo web sites, your copyright remains yours and you will still be free to publish or sell your photos yourself.  All we ask is that you grant NA3T a royalty-free, non-exclusive licence to publish, make copies, modify or distort them.  These words reflect the requirements of the UK copyright law (CDPA) and in our case "modify" or "distort" simply means change the size of your original photo to fit on a 6:4 ratio print so that we can  accomodate your name and brief details of the subject below the photo itself.   

Will my photos be identified as my own work?

Yes, you have a moral right to be identified as the photographer. Nobody can take that right away from you although many will try.

When you set up an account we will ask you what name you wish to be identified by.  That name will appear against every one of your photos and on the front of any prints. You can see how this works by looking at photos on our main web site

What sort of photos can I upload?

They must relate to transport, travel or trade.  They must be your own work taken with a digital camera. Digitised (scanned) photos are not allowed. They should be in landscape (letter box) orientation, clear, sharp, unobstructed and in Jpeg format with a minimum size of 3,000 pixels by 2,000 pixels, and they must be original without any 'in-camera' effects applied.

What sort of photos can't I upload?

Photos that you did not take or that have been edited or have any in-camera effects applied are not required. 
Please do not upload photos where a person or group of people feature prominently or photos that may be offensive or against the law in the UK. 

What happens to the photos I upload?

All uploaded photos will be checked for their suitability (mainly size and sharpness) for the NA3T archive.  Those accepted will be given a unique number that will identify them as being your work and, initially, they will displayed on our web site used for cataloguing.  Once there you will be invited to help by entering details such as where they were taken and anything else you may know about each subject.  What you enter will be checked and you will get some feedback.  If everything is OK you will be invited to submit some more and join the team.

How do I upload my photos?

Open an account by answering a few questions about you. When you save your information you will be sent an email containing a link to a page on our web site where you will complete setting up your account.  NOTE:  There might be a delay of up to two working days before you receive this email.

Once your account is activated you can go to the upload page you will see a field called “Category”. Click on the arrow and select one of the categories from the four main headings, “Transport”, “Travel”, “Trade”, and “Everything Else”. The last mentioned is for stuff related to the other three headings.

Click on one of the main headings and you will be presented with a second selection menu from which you can make a selection that opens up the upload portal.

After that simply follow the on screen instructions.

Please log in, and then use our Bulk Upload form to send us your photos.