We need your help to keep the NA3T archive up-to-date.

Set up in 1996, NA3T is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to the conservation of original negatives and slides. The problem is nobody is using film these days.

It costs nothing to upload your own digital photos.  You can display them on our web site and help support the work of the NA3T Archive of Travel Transport & Trade (NA3T for short), whilst protecting your original digital photos from being accidentally deleted or otherwise lost.  In return we offer one NA3T digital image of your choice for every five digital ones accepted, or one 6x4 print for every ten (Minmimum 6 prints or £1.00 to cover P&P).  To be accepted your photos will need to be unobstructed, sharp, with the subject clearly identifiable.  If you can use a focal length of at least 50mm, so much the better but, please, do not use wide angle, e.g. lower than 50mm, as these cause too much distortion.

By uploading your digital transport photos (trucks, buses, train, ships, aircraft etc.) you will be granting NA3T permission (called a royalty-free, non-exclusive licence) to use them to keep the archive up-to-date and, hopefully, raise some funds to keep the archive going.

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